The Art Of Fallism

By Aslaug Aarsæther, Gunnbjørg Gunnarsdottir
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Original Title: The Art of Fallism - A University of Colonial Thinking
Genre: | | | | |
Running Time: 74 Minutes
Country of origin: South Africa, Norway
Original version: English
Available in: English
Subtitled in: English
Year: 2019
Revisit South Africa’s #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall protest movements through the eyes of central activists who shed light on what reporters missed—the crucial work shouldered by women and trans people to ensure the movement championed all.

The Fallists want to end repression for everybody in society. With township boys, feminists and the trans community all joined, they want to revolutionize a racist and systematically unequal South Africa. What happens when they struggle to even tolerate one another? This is a story about big dreams, chaos, belonging and rejection. Meet the activists and artists that have inspired youth across the world.

Production Company
Arthouse Cinematheque

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