Women With Gunpowder Earring

By Reza Farahmand
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Original Title: Zanani Ba Gushvarehaye Baruti
Genre: | | |
Running Time: 77 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Resolution: 1920/ 10.80
Country of origin: Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Original version: Arabic
Available in: Arabic
Subtitled in: English
Screening format: DCP, Blu-Ray
Sound: 5.1
Year: 2017

Noor Al Helli is an Iraqi female journalist who goes to the ISIS war zones to report and film the events of ISIS’s  cracked up . in confronting an ISIS family she is drawn to the camps of ISIS men’s wives and children for the first time.Close encounter with these families marks a series of incidences for her.Women With Gunpowder Earring is a daring and highly original film about Women’s Power in bringing changes into the life.


Director’s Motivation:War ought to be the most bitter product of humanity. That is when humans in order to prove their superiority embark on annihilating humans and indeed, what barrier can withstand this tremendous flood? What we through passage of time have witnessed is that war knows no territory or geography but every day, like an octopus coils up in a part of this planet rendering none but destruction, death and displacement.Up until now humans in confronting this calamity, have faced two options. To either be offensive or defensive, like painkillers for an intense pain. In war you have to choose. A choice perhaps by force, to take sides.To narrate Myanmar children’s diasporas, my camera travelled to India and to record this ambiguous future accompanied Syrian children in their fleeing from Turkey to Europe but all these narrations have marked the catastrophes of war. Today, my greatest concern involves choosing people and which side of the war to take. My camera has endured much hardships to remain unbiased and independent. As a director, one must aim to remain neutral lest you may have to choose.The common ingredient among all people in war is feeling and its crystallization in mothers who are the greatest victims. Wars with their sons as infantry. To pursue this, the journalist mother accompanied my camera to the ISIS women’s camp so to understand how the blood suckers of the death army are raised from their mothers’ skirts.

The sound of shelling in the city is heard and you start to cook. The sound of rockets falling from the sky has not silenced when you have washed the laundry and brewed some tea. When the big explosion happens you grab your child and provide refuge for him but you have no shelter yourself. You nurse your child but your milk smells like gunpowder. You have no idea what the war has done to you, lady.You smell of gunpowder, lady. I know that you are unaware of the monster that you’re raising. He will grow up and one day will utterly vomit all the gunpowder he has drunk from you on the world. All the gunpowder he has drunk from you.

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