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we are proud to announce Copper Notes of a Dream crowned at DOK.FEST MÜNCHEN 2020.

The DOK.fest Award of the Children’s Villages Worldwide is awarded at the festival for documentaries that present the perspectives of children and young people in an outstanding way. This year the award goes to COPPER NOTES OF A DREAM by Reza Farahmand. The film tells the story of ten-year-old Malook, who lives with his sister in a suburb of Damascus that was completely destroyed in the Syrian civil war. The houses are bombed, and yet hopes and dreams are growing in Malook: He wants to become a singer and is planning a concert with professional musicians together with his sister. To earn money for it, she and her friends pull the copper wires out of the walls of the bombed and empty buildings.

The jury writes in its statement: “With COPPER NOTES OF A DREAM, Iranian filmmaker Reza Farahmand succeeds in taking us vividly into the world of children in war and crisis zones. The camera accompanies Malook and his friends at eye level. Small everyday scenes, such as the morning laundry and combing the hair, thus become meaningful gestures. They show how much dignity there is in every child’s life, in every human life, no matter how adverse the conditions and circumstances. All this touches us deeply, without a feeling of voyeurism creeping upon us. Reza Farahmand captures the bombed-out houses and cities with a powerful camera and tells a dramaturgically stringent story of the children’s hope for a better future.

Jury 2020:

Michaela May (actress)
Prof. Dr. h.c. Heribert Prantl (former member of the editor-in-chief, now columnist and author of the Süddeutsche Zeitung)
Michaela Braun (Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and the Personnel Committee of SOS Children’s Villages worldwide)
Timo Großpietsch (documentary filmmaker and editor)
Roman Karz (General Manager Fox Networks Group Germany GmbH)
Christine Kehrer (Head of moving image of SOS Children’s Villages worldwide)
Wolfram Kons (General Manager RTL Charity, Chairman of the RTL Foundation, TV journalist)
Martin Kowalczyk (BR documentary film editor).

The DOK.fest Award of SOS Children’s Villages worldwide is donated by B.O.A. Videofilmkunst and is endowed with 3,000 Euros. It will be awarded for the seventh time. The award ceremony takes place at DOK.fest München @home online. In autumn the prize will be presented again in a Munich cinema, date and place will be announced in time. The film COPPER NOTES OF A DREAM can be seen at DOK.fest München @home from May 6 to 24.



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