WOMEN WITH GUNPOWDER EARINGS will compete at Locarno Festival

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ArtHouse Cinematheque is proud that bringing to the market by the company , WOMEN WITH GUNPOWDER EARINGS will compete at Locarno Festival 1 – 11 | 8 | 2018
at Semaine De La Critique .
Women With Gunpowder Earring is a daring and highly original film about Women’s Power in bringing changes into the life.
Noor Al Helli is an Iraqi female journalist who goes to the ISIS war zones to report and film the events of ISIS’s cracked up . in confronting ISIS familes, she is drawn to the camps of ISIS men’s wives and children for the first time.Close encounter with these families marks a series of incidences for her.
Based on the last news , all these women have been sentenced to life as terrorists. they have to live in Jail
with their kids for all their life .
Every year the Semaine de la critique shows seven documentary feature films as world or international premieres. The section focuses on innovative films on the brink of the mainstream – both formally and content wise.
Bold films which open up new perspectives and which provoke a debate. The goal is to bring together a wide range of different works, each with a unique vision.


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