Arvin Medghalchi

Arvin Medghalchi was born in June 1983. He is an Iranian Animated filmmaker, screen writer, editor, animator and director, Graphic Designer and illustrator.  He gained his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design from Cyprus.  Arvin was always interested in storytelling; he made his first animation in 2004.  His passion has continued and he has made several animations in 2D and stop motion, which has succeeded in many local and international festivals.

Director’s Filmography :
2004 ” The Big Dream” 2D
2006 ” The lonely dog” 2D
2009 Edgar Allan Poe’s ” The Black Cat”   Stop Motion
2013 “Imperfection”   Paper Cut Animation
2013″ The Make Up”   Cut Out and Stop Motion
2014″ Pinocchio ” Music Video – 2D Animation
2014″ OMID ( hope ) ” Stop Motion
2017″ Kitchen Dreams” Stop Motion
2017 ” In Mediterranean Arms” 2D