Bijan Mohtasham

He holds the title of the father of Iranian make-up and a graduate of the Tehran Academy of Arts, and began his artistic career in high school. He started acting in theater in 1995, in Anahita movies and theater and Channel 2 TV (the first private television in Iran) and in Mehregan and Misaghieh studios and received his bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Tehran. Since 1945, Mr. Mohtasham has been the head of the television face painting unit and Vahdat Hall (Roudaki). Since 1941, he has taken various film and television make-up courses in the United States, BBC London, German Cryoline, Make-up Studio in France and Italy, under the tutelage of art masters, including John Chambers. He started teaching face painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran in 1973 and in the art department of the Islamic Propaganda Organization in 1992. Honorable Master, in the movie Planet of the Apes, he was the assistant of John Chambers. The film won the 1968 Academy Award for Best Picture. His father: Nariman Mohtasham and his sister: Niloufar Mohtasham are film and television personalities. Since 1950, he has been teaching make-up at the Higher School of Television, Tehran School of Fine Arts, Soura Higher School, free cinema schools in Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan, Shiraz and Mohtasham Grimm Art School in Tehran, Karaj and Arak. He has also established the Sama Kish Cultural, Artistic and Educational Company on Kish Island. Since 1986, he has been a member of the faculty of the University of Applied Sciences. Took.

He has a first degree in art (equivalent to a doctorate) from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and has certificates, honorary diplomas, statues of honor from various organizations and ceremonies inside and outside Iran. He is also in charge of the scientific-specialized committee of make-up and masks of the comprehensive scientific-applied university. He is one of the founders of the Iranian Cinema Face Painters Association and also a member of the founding board of the Iranian Cinema Teachers Association. Free Cinema School: Grim Mohtasham Art School, under the management of Bijan Mohtasham, was established in December of 1990, with the receipt of license No. 40/501 from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Tehran. This art school started its activity in the field of makeup education from elementary to advanced in the form of theory and workshop. The fruit of 50 years of his artistic work; Famous masters of today’s makeup such as:┬áMaster Abdollah Eskandari, Jalal Meyarian, Zande Yad Farhang Moayeri, Mehri Shirazi and a large number of makeup artists of today’s cinema, makeup is about 150 movies, 500 theaters, tele theater, opera, tele film and historical series such as Sarbedaran.

Face Design

2006 – Wig cut

2006 – Whatever you want

2000 – My favorite wife

1997 – Sarai

1996 – The Miracle of Laughter

1994 – Good trip

1993 – I love the earth

1991 – Gold teeth

1991 – Travelers of Anar Valley

1990 – Wild deer


Face Processing

1990 – Hidden fire

1975 – Bee

1972 – Sarkar Ghazanfar family

1972 – Starkhan

1972 – Samad and steel armored demon

1972 – Motarb

1967 – Woman with blood clots

1966 – Hatem Taei

1966 – Charlatan

1966 – Rebellion

1966 – Mummy

1965 – Sarsam

1965 – Heroes of Heroes

1965 – The Treasure of Qarun

1965 – Compulsory leave

1965 – All over the opponent

1963 – Road of Death

1963 – Monthly genius

1962 – The bride of the village


1997 – Winner of the Best Face Award for the film Miracle of Laughter – in the first festival of the Cinema House

1998 – Nominated for the Best Picture Award, for the film Sarai – in the second period of the Cinema House Festival

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