Karim Mohammad Amini

Karim-AminiKARIM MOHAMMAD AMINI, in short, KARIM AMINI, was born on 26th of April 1986 and raised by his grandfather, a famous theater actor, in Tehran /Iran. As a teenager he decided to study industrial engineering in university but as the time passed, he became more interested in cinema, being under influence of his grandfather’s profession. It was time for him to make up his mind and choose between being an engineer or a movie director.Karim took some film making classes in “KARNAME” private school of film making under supervision of Mr. Naser Taghvaei and later, he started his activity in cinema and national T.V. as assistant director till now. He has in his C.V. working with famous directors such as Ferydoon Jeyrani, Ali Reza Amini, Farzad Motamen, Mehdi Naderi, Roohllah Hejazi, Poorya Azerbayjani and Ms. Tina Pakravan.Karim is official member of the club” assistant directors of Iranian cinema” and has, so far, attended as an actor in several T.V. series and two movies.The short film “JUDGEMENT DAY” is his first experience as a film maker.
Director’s Note :
The purpose of the film is to hint the society to avoid judging people based on what they witness. Backstage Moments:
It was a tremendous experience to see the reaction on people’s faces seeing a woman down town, without a scarf. No one realized the hair was fake !