Majid Azadmanesh

As for his formal education, Majid Azadmanesh received his degree in Graphic Design and Fine Arts. These two fields gave him a deeper understanding of visual art and made him develop a passion for photography and cinema. He began directing, editing and cinematography in 1997. He became a member of Iranian Young Cinema Society in 2000 and his professional career started by his documentary film directed for the Iranian national TV in 2001. He developed his skills by attending Abbas Kiarostami’s workshops in 2010 giving him a strong eye for cinematic details. His presence in international festivals brought him the best cinematography prize for “The Bitter End of Coffee” in SHORTini Film Festival, Italy, 2010. Majid has over 23 years of experience in filmmaking, cinematography, editing and has more than forty completed projects under his belt including documentaries, short fictions, TV series and music videos.

+_40 (Short Narrative) Editor 2020
Eastern Promises (Documentary Series) Director/Cinematographer/Editor 2020
An Elephant in the Dark (Documentary) Editor 2020
Death on Halloween Night (Short Narrative) Cinematographer/Editor 2019
The Bostonians (Short Narrative) Cinematographer 2019
Dandan e Shiri (Short Narrative) Cinematographer 2016
Pey Dar (Documentary) Cinematographer/Editor 2015
Giveh (Documentary) Cinematographer 2015
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (Short Narrative) Cinematographer 2015
Travelers Karta (Documentary) Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor 2013
Majnoon (Documentary) Cinematographer/Editor 2013
Bard Shir (Documentary) Cinematographer/Editor 2012
Bar Shanehaye Barf (Documentary) Editor 2012
Dezzak Castle (Documentary) Cinematographer/Editor 2012
Shirin Bahar (Documentary) Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor 2012
Rofou (Feature Film) Cinematographer/Editor 2012
The Bitter End of The Coffee (Short Narrative) Cinematographer 2010
Norouz Zire Lampe 100 watt (Short Narrative) Cinematographer 2008
Machine e Eslah e Agha Joun (Feature Film) Cinematographer 2008
Doaye Madaram Mahtab (Documentary) Cinematographer 2007
Rah Rah (Documentary) Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor 2007
The Bridge’s Ballads (Documentary) Cinematographer 2004
My Mother Iran (Short Narrative) Cinematographer 2003
Parviz Tanavoli (Documentary) Director/Cinematographer/Editor 2003
Anja Poshte Panjere (Short Narrative) Cinematographer 2002
War War (Short Narrative) Cinematographer 2002
The History of Cartoons (Documentary Series) Director 2001