Mojgan Ilanlu

Mojgan-Ilanlu--Like-a-Woman-DirectorName: Mojgan Ilanlu

Date of Birth: 1971

Member of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Society

Directed 10 Documentary Films:

– Director of documentary ” The garden is thirsty”

with a cultural theme, ordered by Iranian 2nd TV Channel, produced in Italy.(2007)

– Director of documentary “Violin” ordered by Iranian 1st TV Channel.(2007)

– Director of documentary “Continuous Line”

ordered by Iran 3rd TV Channel(2008)

– Director of “Sky is safe”, winner of best director award, best image and(2009) selected film of Brussels Film Festival(2013)

– Director of documentary “Hunter is the best follower ” Selected in Brussels and Iranian Parvin Etesami Film Festivals.(2013)

– Director of documentary Film “Self Rooted” appreciated in different film festivals. (2013)This film is appreciated multiple times in Afghanistan, Heart and Kabul cities. It was also screened by Iranian TV.

– Producing a film about women entrepreneurship and hand crafts.

– Producer and director of documentary Film ” The Lady Governor”(2014)

about four women in Iran and Pakistan boarder who were assigned to high governmental positions for the first time. This film was ordered by Iran …. TV Network and screened multiple times in different Iran TV channels

– Producer and director of documentary film “Right to be Wrong “(2015)

selected for screening in 2015 Brussels Film Festival

– Director and Producer of a portrait documentary about “Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani”. This film is in its final technical development phases.


– Best cultural report award of Iranian media for the report “Stay if Italian Monk Monestary” and published in Iran “Sharq” newspaper(2010)

– Best director award of Parvin Etesami festival, Iran(2009)

– Bravery in subject selection award, Parvin Etesami festival, Iran(2009)

– Appreciated as “Filmmaker with humanity perspective about immigrants” by “Afghan Elite Society(2013)

– Appreciated as “documentary filmmaker with cultural perspective and optimism in Brussels film festival(2015)




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