Mona Zahed

Mona Zahed, born in 1974 in Tehran, MA in cinema and psychology

She has played in serials and feature films made by great directors such as Kiyanoosh Ayyari, and she is a member of the board of directors of Screenplay Society of Iran and Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Association.


Cinema Activities

  1. Production manager and programmer of Iranian Girls, directed by Hormoz K* (Arte Network of France), produced in France
  2. Travelling to the United States, 2003-2008. Director and producer of more than 10 scientific and research documentaries for UCLA.
  3. Executive manager of Noor Film Festival in the United States, 1997
  4. Scriptwriter of Sperm Whale, 2014 and best screenplay nominee in Hafez Feast, 2016
  5. Executive manager of Khorshid Independent Film Festival, 2014
  6. Director of Watermelon, chosen in Milan Festival, 2001; Czech Festival, 2000; Hamburg Festival, 2000; Yamagata Festival, 2001; Cinéma du réel Festival, 2002; 47th Cork Festival in Ireland, 2002
  7. Director and producer of the documentary I cried laughing, 2000-2001, which is being taught in cinema universities now
  8. Director and producer of the documentary Something Like Me, 2001; Honorary Diploma from Baran Festival, 2001; Honorary Diploma from Foroogh Film Festival, 2002; Chosen in Krakow Festival, 2003; Chosen in Ankara Festival, 2003; Chosen in New York Festival, 2003; Chosen in Australia Festival, 2004; Chosen in Sweden Women Festival, 2004.
  9. Assistant director and programming manager of the 40-episode documentary History of the Iranian Cinema directed by Bahman Maqsoodloo, 2002 (Ahmad Mahmood, Iran Daroodi…)
  10. Scriptwriter of the feature film Stranger at Home (Mona Zahed, Farid Mostafavi), 2010
  11. Production manager and programmer of the feature film Jonas directed by Vahid Vakilifar, 2014
  12. Executive secretary and member of policy-making council of 1st HIV-AIDS Cinema Children Forum, 2015
  13. Art director Ace Gallery, 2016-2018
  14. Jury member of Cinema House Feast, 2016
  15. Executive manager of 2nd HIV-AIDS Cinema Children Forum, 2016; member of the board of directors of Directors of Documentary Cinema Guild, 2016
  16. Editor in chief of periodical Koli (multimedia magazine), 2008