Reza Ataran

ataranBorn in 1968 in Mashhad, Iran, Reza Attaran obtained his high school diploma in Economy & then studied Industrial Design in University of Tehran. Despite enjoying his field of study, he turned to acting, script writing & directing. He got married in 1994.
He started his career in theatre plays under the guidance of the late Hassan Hamed in the 1980s. He played only non-comedy roles back then, but in 1994, he played his first comedy role in comedy series, Fun Hour, directed by Iran’s most famous sitcom maker, MehranModiri. A few years later, he made two very successful TV series, My Sweet Majid&Eternal Train. Between 1997 & 2003, he made two other series in Laughter Apple&Acacia Alley, as well as forming a music band called Dampaei(Slippers) with YoossefTeimoori& a few other artists. Since then he has become Iran’s most successful comedy series maker in Iranian TV & many actors have turned to stars thanks to appearing in his series.Attaran played in AlirezaDavoodnejad’s feature films The Other Wife&Burglar, & then in MassoodNavabi’sA Hat for the Rain.He also played serious characters in two of AbdorrezaKahani’s films which both faced public screening obstructions & bans. The first one, Horse is an Innocent Animal was limitedly released & despite that, sold well; the 2nd film, For No Reason, is on the public screenings’ waiting list. Reza Attaran was supposed to play a role in Calm Streets from Kamal Tabrizi in 2010, but to everyone’s surprise he was replaced by Hassan Majooni in the last minute! Kamal Tabrizi’sCalm Streets –just like his other film, Prize- are still banned from public screenings & never saw the light of day. Attaran finally directed his first film I Feel Sleepy, in 2011. He was supposed to act in Bullet Proof the same year, but withdrew from the project as he was busy making his own film; the role was given to Mehdi Hashemi. Attaran also designed the opening & ending credits of the TV series, Full Stop.
Red Carpet is his second film which is a sarcastic view of fame & film festivals.

Crystal SimorghforBest Director in the New Vision section of the 30thFajr Int’l Film Festival for I Feel Sleepy
Statuette for Best Actor in the 15th House of Cinema Awards for Horse is an Innocent Animal
Stutuette of Golden Smile for Best Comedy Actor in the 2nd Sun’s Smile Awards for both Horse is an Innocent Animal & No Entry for Men
Diploma of Honour for Best Actor in the 6th Critics & Writers Guild’s Awards for For no Reason, 2012
Nominated for Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor in a Leading Role in the 30thFajr Int’l Film Festival for I Feel Sleepy
Nominated for Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor in a Leading Role in the 31stFajr Int’l Film Festival for The Corridor