Soheila Golestani

Soheila Golestani- TWO- Director StillFirst Name: Soheila
Last Name: Golestani
Date of Birth: 1359 (1980)
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Stage Design, Theater, Cinema-Theater Faculty of Art University, Tehran, Iran)
Director’s Filmography :
Member of:
Khaneh Cinema, The Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds
Iranian Film Actors Association
Iranian Voice Artists Association
Do (Two) – a feature film, 2015.
The Staff, a tele-theater, IRIB Channel Four, 2012.
A Letter to God, a tele-theater, IRIB Channel Four, 2012.
Return, Short Film, 2013.

  • Tunnel, Short Film, 2008.
  • The White Situation, Short Film, 2009.
  • Forty Five – West 19, Short Film, 2009.
  • After It Happens, Short Film, 2007.
  • Where I Travel to, 2009.

Acting /Cinema:

  • Buffalo, directed by Kaveh Sajadi Hosseini, 2015.
  • Today (Emruz), Reza Mirkarimi, 2014.
  • Staying Up for Three Days, Masoud Amini Tirani, 2014.
  • We Have Guests, Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour, 2013.
  • Night – Outside, Kaveh Sajadi Hosseini, 2014.
  • Forty Years Old, Alireza Raeesian, 2009.
  • Half Mine Half Yours / Half for Me – Half for You, Vahid Nik-khah Azad, 2008.


  • The White Situation, TV Series, Hamid Nematollah, 2009-2011.
  • Sir-o-Serkeh (Garlic and Vinegar), Gholamreza Ramezani, 2012.
  • The Nose, tele-film, Farzad Motamen, 2009.
  • Without an End, tele-film, Kaveh Sajadi Hosseini, 2007.
  • A Window to Heaven, tele-film, Kaveh Sajadi Hosseini, 2008.
  • Like a Dream, tele-film, Mohammad Ali Najafi, 2009.
  • ….


  • Let’s Swing a Bit, Arvand Dasht Aray, 2013.
  • Yerma, Reza Gouran, 2008.
  • Sacred Ritual of Silence, Kambiz Asadi, 2007.
  • A Tragic Actor, Zahra Javaherian, 2003.
  • Rain on the Roof of Doubt, Jalal Tajangi, 2001.
  • Stains on the Bottom of the Cup, Leila Kakavand, 2001.


  • Best directing for Return, Toronto Film Festival
  • Best screenplay for Return, San Francisco Film Festival
  • Best directing for Return, Rouyesh Film Festival
  • Best film for Return, Rouyesh Film Festival
  • Best directing for Return, Varesh Film Festival
  • Best directing for Forty Five – West 19, Shahr Film Festival
  • Best directing for The White Situation, Kowsar Film Festival
  • Best actress and best directing for Return, Parvin Etesami Film Festival
  • Best actress for Today and We Have Guests, 32nd Fadjr Film Festival, Tabriz, 2014
  • Best actress for The Nose, Best Tele-film Festival,
  • Best actress in International Section of 26th Fadjr Theater Festival, 1386 (2008)
  • Best actress, Student Theater Festival, 1378 (2000)
  • Best actress, Fadjr Theater Festival, 1378 (2000)

Nominations and Presence in International Festivals:

  • Best directing nomination for Return, Khaneh Cinema Celebration
  • Best actress in a supporting role, 32nd Fadjr Film Festival for We Have Guests, 2014
  • Cannes Film Festival, The White Situation
  • Seoul Film Festival, The White Situation
  • Riverside Film Festival, Poland, The White Situation